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Impact of Technology on Warfare

impact of technology on warfare

We are living in an information and technology era, where technological discoveries have changed the nature of war. War has a long record that dates back to the dawn of human development. But armies have come a long way since the jab, lance, or the bow and arrow. evolution in technology has led to faster and advanced airplanes, laser weapons, and remotely controlled, bomb-carrying machines. here, we will discuss the impact of technology on warfare.

By 2025, technological advancements would boost so much to higher levels than today. 

As the capricious environment around the world, Pakistan may also face threats in the future. By the sphere of conflicts among the superpowers of the world( i.e. US, China, Russia, Germany, etc.), along with the militarization of space, increasing militant activities in cyberspace.

We must understand how technological advancements will affect future warfare. And what are our weaknesses in technology, and what steps  Pakistan should take to have its recognized place in the world.


Technology sanctions computerised wars that are miniature and prompt. span, accuracy, and destructiveness of weapons have increased significantly. There is a rapid increase in awareness, alertness, experiences. And battleground clarity as squads are moving from platform-centric to network-centric abilities. 

Concurrent handling of the strategic, functional, and planned classes is possible. Enhanced battleground clarity in turn has augmented the significance of diffusion of squads and demand for scams. Technology has steered the beginning of awful cyber warfare, space battles, and Effect Based Operations (EBOs). Ironically, technology has also authorized terrorists to yield additional intense impairments.

Future Technological Developments

Detailing out all the possible technological improvements with military applications by say year 2025 would demand many carriers but existing improved attack rifles will perhaps include phased plasma guns. Plasma weapons already notified in Russia. Focus rays of electromagnetic power produced by laser or microwave radiation into upper coatings of air to beat the targets. which are passing at supersonic or near-sonic speeds, bumping the preys out of orbit.

 The research and development centres of countries are developing  Laser Dazzler for police officers that will impair ideas temporarily to control unruly crowds. The vehicle scaled gas dynamic laser-based Directed Energy Weapons systems are being developed. Space security, cyber-security and hypersonic vehicles will also be devised in the future. However, one can not guess how many of these will be developed.

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Reusable Space Plane (X-37B)

The US has invented a Reusable Space Plane (X-37B) – another stage in weaponizing Space.  In addition, a strong traditional weapon (Prompt Global Strike). As option to nuclear warhead, is under growth, which can cross halfway around the world from launch to target in less than 30 minutes. Using rocket takeoff, release of hypersonic gliders and eventual release of 1000 pound deep penetration bombs. The revolution in transmission equipment is already visual in commercialised products. The history of technological progress can go on endlessly. China’s indigenous aircraft courier could be double the velocity of existing carriers. With a catamaran kind of hull extremely reducing pitching, yawing, swinging and power for concurrent launch and landing of aircraft from twin flight decks.

The world’s Space Vision  predicts satellite based communication and navigation methods for rural connectivity, safety needs and portable services. India have planned Evolution of a heavy lift launcher. Reusable Launch Vehicles as Technology Demonstrator missions leading to Two Stages To Orbit (TSTO) and human space flight.

Technological Modifications

Regarding the fast rate at which technology is progressing, 2025 should actually see a quantum leap. Competent forces will operationalize the Completely Networked Centric Warfare (NCW). ISR ( Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance) and communications would be revolutionised.  Extended range strategic Aero-Space media would be in play. 

Stealth and Smart Technologies and Artificial intelligence would increase. Enhanced nukes would be more compact and deadly. Nano weapons and tools, including Micro UAVs, Ant Robots and the like would come in. Cyber Warriors, Worms, Viruses, CyBugs are expected. Significant improvement is expected in the continuing research of mind control. Which have negative effects for humanity if it fall into wrong hands. Most of these technologies would have come to China by 2025.

Impact of technology on Future Warfare

Technological improvements will effect immensely in the wars fighting between the countries. Dispute will be five dimensional to include Aero-Space, Land, Sea, Electro-Magnetic and Cyber. Information Warfare will contain Network Centric Warfare (NCW), C4I2 Warfare, Electronic Warfare, Cyber Warfare and all other formats of operationalized Cyber Space. Space War, Cyber Space Combat, Radiation Combat, Automatic Combat, Nano-technology Warfare will count to the layouts of Combat. Procedures will be increasingly inter-agency applying greater application of all components of national strength. States like India will continue to use hi-tech irregular forces. 

 Asymmetric battles will be a continuing matter. Information distinction will be as important as land, sea and aero-space excellence. Force application must contain all disciplines of prudence, information technology (offensive and defensive), military operations and economic exercises. Pakistan  must finance  in areas of our strategic welfare. At a nationwide level, there would be a need for constant synergy. Military unity is a fundamental imperative in the Armed Forces. Power to perform combined operations with other elements of the Security Sector is crucial.

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From all aspects, Pakistan  will have to face heightened threats from its  neighbourhood , particularly from India. Technological refinements will trigger the realms of space and cyberspace. The widening gaps between Pakistan and the US will exaggerate these threats. They should need to take it seriously. We require a revolution in military matters to take us into the next level of military abilities to meet future challenges. The Government and the Military should take different initiatives. And follow them energetically to assure speedy execution of  planned guidelines. We need to act deliberately and carefully.


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