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Application development

You need to ensure that your enterprise activities are more agile and flexible allowing employees to access data and resources remotely but under sufficient surveillance. Enterprise apps drive mobility and enable you to allow employees to work remotely. You do not only save time but operational costs as well.

Apart from mobility management, Bit Links Tech apps also offer a range of features for managing human resources, financial tasks, and customer relationship.

Android app development services

1.  One to One Mapping
2.  Server Syncing
3.  Custom Development
4.  Android Games
5.  Development
6.  M-Commerce Applications
7.  Social Media Applications
8.  Apps Testing/Portability
9.  Support & Maintenance

IOS app development services

1. One to One Mapping
2. Server Syncing
3. Custom Development
4. iPhone Games Development
5. M-Commerce Applications
6. Social Media Applications
7. Apps Testing/Portability
8. Support & Maintenance

Why Mobile Apps?

We live in an era where everybody has a computer in their pocket. About one-half of the smartphone users in the world believe that “they cannot live without their gizmo”

61% of the mobile users read their email via mobile devices. 92% users do browsing with a mobile app while 8% are surfing the web with their smart watches.

84% of the users are of the view that a non-intrusive and feature-rich mobile experience is important across all handheld mobile devices and tablets.

Utilizing our native and cross-platform mobile app development experience and expertise in both iOS and Android platforms, we have learned the art of developing power-pack apps with stunning UX/UI that simply defy expectations

Using the latest SDKs, APIs and development platforms, we tap deep into the operating systems and conjure groundbreaking solutions that ensure high user adoption.

Android app development services

Full-cycle development:

The RubyGarage team develops, designs, tests, and maintains all sorts of Android applications. We provide a full range of development services and can scale your team with professional developers when necessary.

Code audit:

Code audit is a service that RubyGarage provides to clients with an existing codebase that they want to enhance. . Our team reviews and analyzes code quality and makes a list of prioritized improvements that can influence code performance, speed, and stability.

Rescue mission:

Rescue mission is a service for projects with code that no longer meets business requirements. This code might be slow, have lots of bugs, or have issues with the architecture and scale ability. To solve these problems, we audit the code, create a revival plan, and stick to it to provide you with the best results.

Server-side APIs for Android apps:

We can extend the functionality of an Android app with a serverless architecture and add a backend to it. To do this, we create a server for the app and an API for effective communication between the mobile interface and the server.

IOS app development services

IOS app development services:

RubyGarage iOS app developers offer full-cycle development services for our clients. This means that development, design, testing, and maintenance will be our full responsibility. The RubyGarage team manages product creation from A to Z and makes sure the product you get meets your business goals.

Code audit:

The RubyGarage team provides a code audit service to customers whose existing iOS apps have undetected bugs and architectural flaws. We inspect and analyze code quality to find all the weaknesses and make a list of improvements that can make your app faster, more stable, and more productive.

Rescue mission:

If your iOS app is slow, has a lot of bugs, or has scalability problems, our team of iOS developers can help you with a rescue mission. During a rescue mission, we rehabilitate iOS apps with code that no longer meets business requirements. To do that, we audit your codebase, create a revival plan, and follow it to help your app catch its second wind.

Server-side APIs for iOS apps:

GraphQL and RESTful APIs handle the server-side of the mobile and web applications. We provide backend development services for mobile apps so you can interact with your data from as many interfaces as you need. API we build increases your IT system efficiency and ensures your app architecture is well-structured and maintainable.

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