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Android Application

Since 2018, Bit links Tech is providing mobile app  development services in android and has huge developed many mobile apps from Business, entertainment, real estate and productive apps, which you can see on our Portfolio page because we stand behind our customer’s satisfaction which is our first priority. We use different platform to develop android apps like, android studio, flutter, ionic and react native.

IOS Application

Bit Links Tech has been provide Mobile app development services since 2018 and has many successful application under the belt in IOS platform. We have huge experience in developing IOS apps in industries like real estate, education, hotels and restaurants. We use different platforms like Swift, React native, Flutter etc.

Best Mobile App Development Company

Bitlinks Tech has established itself as the best Mobile app Development Company and is known for quality mobile app development services. We are a Custom app development company and specialize in android app development and IOS app Development. Our Development team is entirely professional and focused on delivering quality services so that you can achieve your business goals and targets. We specialize in all areas of Mobile app development, whether good-looking and attractive UI/UX design or responsive frontend of the mobile app, Database or Backend. So if you are looking to digitalize your business and looking for the best mobile app development company, you are at the right place.

Mobile App Development Services

To deliver top-notch mobile app development services, we have great team players. Our goal is to offer our clients high-quality Mobile app development services. We work with the building of various kinds of apps, including Lifestyle Mobile Apps, Social Media apps, Utility Mobile Apps, Productivity Mobile Apps, and News/Information Outlets Mobile Apps. As a custom app development company, we carefully plan and develop the apps after learning about your industry and the interests of your target audience. We favor the rapid and responsive development of mobile apps.



Our team develops, designs, tests, and maintains all sorts of Android applications. We provide a full range of Mobile app development services and can scale your team with professional developers when necessary.


Code audit is a service that provides to clients with an existing codebase that they want to enhance. Our team reviews and analyzes code quality and makes a list of prioritized improvements that can influence code performance, speed, and stability.


Rescue mission is a service for projects with code that no longer meets business requirements. This code might be slow, have lots of bugs, or have issues with the architecture and scale ability. To solve these problems, we audit the code, create a revival plan, and stick to it to provide you with the best results.


We can extend the functionality of an Android app with a server less architecture and add a backend to it. To do this, we create a server for the app and an API for effective communication between the mobile interface and the server.

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Flexible And Multiple Hiring Options

Every business is shifting itself to the mobile app, and in this digital world where mobile devices and users are growing exponentially, you also need to move your business to the mobile app; Bitlinks Tech is the best mobile app Development Company we will help you to shift your business on the mobile app, our development team will be available for you at any time like full time, part-time, and on an hourly basis. Contact us to hire us flexibly.


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Best Mobile App Development Company

Mobile App Development

Frequently Asked Questions

The building of software programs for use on various mobile devices is known as mobile app development. To create a mobile app, you must choose a company with expertise in all categories of mobile applications and a tried-and-true development methodology. The creation of a user-friendly user interface, the creation of all required installable application bundles, and the implementation of suitable backend services are all tasks performed by mobile app developers.

Throughout the development phase, the software itself is carefully tested. Bitlinks Tech is the best mobile app development company having four years of experience in developing every type of mobile for any market and audience. We have helped dozens of clients with our Quality mobile app development services.

The length of our typical construction cycles varies from 90 to 120 days, depending on the specific feature set of each project. The time you spend conducting market research to identify the issue your app will attempt to answer is not included in the app development process. The number of features an app needs, the platforms you want it to serve, and the number of users all determines how long it takes to create. It might take a long time to design an app that needs a lot of visuals because of the ideation and implementation required for these features. However, at Bit Links Tech, we try to complete our project beforehand as our mobile app developers are professional and have depth knowledge and experience to develop every type of mobile app. Bit Links Tech, a custom app development company, will transform your business to digital as you can manage your business anytime from anywhere from your smart Mobile phone.

Android and iOS. By focusing on these platforms, we can maintain our position as one of the best and the forerunners of cutting-edge technologies. The two most widely used mobile operating systems (OSs) worldwide are iOS and Android. Apple now solely makes use of iOS in its mobile products, which include the iPad, iPhone, and iPod. Google acquired Android, Inc. in 2005. Android, Inc. had originally created the operating system. Android is primarily designed for mobile devices, even if other devices like cars and televisions run customized versions of the operating system.

We adore this query. You're right; there are many possibilities for developers to choose from, and many of them have advanced degrees. Our expertise and ability to communicate with you regularly are what make us unique. As you can see, we talk business first and geek second. We can approach your project from a completely different angle than other development businesses thanks to our years of business and marketing experience; we are your partner.

Since we intend to stick around for the long run, we appreciate hearing about our client's successes and disappointments. With this strategy, we can learn from one another and create the finest applications that transform how people live, work, and play, this approach has earned the badge of best mobile app Development Company, and we have received excellent feedback and reviews because our development team is very professional a have expertise. Now we are known as the best custom app development company.