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Search engine advertising is one of the most well-known types of PPC. It permits promoters to offer for advertisement situations in a web crawler’s supported connections when somebody looks at a catchphrase identified with their business offering. We offer ppc campaign manaement and ppc management services.


 Paid notices are displayed on sites dependent on a particular subject of catchphrases coordinated to the facilitating site’s point. The show can be text, picture, and video promotions. PPC and Display promotions are valued unexpectedly. As a rule, PPC is more costly than a pay per click advertisement.


Social PPC Pay Per Click advertisement is a type of paid computerized publicizing, yet exclusively for a position on Social Media stages. These promotions can be designated to gatherings of clients dependent on socioeconomics, interest in subjects, or different information assembled by the stage.


Now a day’s, pay per click advertisement (PPC) is growing, and every business is looking for a fast and quick way to rank their services in front of customers. Here at Bit Links Tech Pvt Ltd, we are helping many companies to grow their business faster as we are a digital marketing or pay per Click Company. We provide a PPC management service. PPC campaign management looks easy. It seems to the layman that he will be able to do it with ease, but PPC is not only an advertisement on google but is about choosing the right keywords and telling google when to show the ad.

Businesses and companies are growing fast, and everyone is shifting online. Almost all businesses, from ecommerce to franchises and entrepreneurs, are on the internet and advertising their products and services. It is becoming a greater challenge for every business owner.

PPC Management Service


In Pay Per Click advertisement, ads are subject to a bidding system called Ads Auction. It is the default process followed by significant search engines to determine the authenticity and relevance of ads from their search engine results page. Advertisers often find the keywords to apply to their business at the auction. These are the search terms they want to “activate” or display their ads. For example, if your business sells tents, you will want to bid on the keyword “best sleeping bags.” Use keyword search tools to find keywords with the right volume and average cost per click. Once you have the right keywords, create an ad and set it up in the search engine field. Add the keywords you want ads to launch. Set the bids as high as the ad category of the search results that the ad will display. In addition, to bid price, the advertising platform also looks at factors such as quality and ad extensions to determine which ad is eligible for the top position. For example, a quality result summarizes the quality of your ad based on ad relevance, prediction page information, and click-through rate. To grow your business online, you need PPC management service one way or the other because a PPC expert will be able to target the exact keyword that you need and are more beneficial for your business. We bitlinkstech are a pay per click company that will take care of your marketing and will do PPC campaign management for you as we have experienced professionals in our team to guide you and provide the best services to you.


PPC Marketing is for sure helping thousands of business owners in marketing as it’s cost-effective and quick way to market their products and service. Here we have some top benefits which any business can get. Low Barrier to Entry, Improved Brand Visibility, Fast Results, Granular Targeting, One-time Campaign Promotions, Quick Experimentation, Expansive Traction Channels, Immediate and Consistent Traffic, Total Customization, and Trackable Data. Unlike free content and live search techniques, PPC advertising drives results quickly in almost every case. You will reach thousands of people instantly – possibly by people searching for your services or products.

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Flexible And Multiple Hiring Options

Pay per click advertisement is very impactful for your marketing strategy as it is target based by target base. I mean, you will be able to select the people to whom your ads will be shown. You can tell google a keyword or a search query when google should show your ads. However, it is more challenging than it seems. A lot of research is required, and only professionals should do that. Bit links tech is a profession pay per Click Company that offer its PPC management services. If you are struggling with a PPC campaign, let us manage it for you, you can hire our service on a full-time, part-time, and hourly basis, as we are very flexible when clients want to hire us.


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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization SEO is an effective way to gain organic traffic. It builds brand awareness, helps you make online credulity, and gives you more customers and trust. Most SEO companies usually provide a minimum of five to six months to rank your website in google. SEO takes time. Due to that reason, many companies want quick traffic. To get quick traffic they go for PPC management service and Pay per click Advertisement quick option. However, SEO itself is a good method to gain organic business but kind of investment.

PPC Campaign Management

Everyone understands the value of pay per click Advertisement and, most importantly, PPC marketing. Other than that, its a quick strategy, the same time, it provides you with cost-effective results. Pay-per-click Advertisement allows businesses to generate more revenue quickly. You have all controls in your hands to describe who your targeted audience is. Any time you can increase or decrease your budget. PPC is more flexible and easy to manage. If you would like to change your targeted audience or location, you are free to do that at any time.

PPC management services is a paid online advertising model where advertisers pay money each time their ad is clicked. Advertisers create ads and bid on specific online auction search terms. This allows them to display their ads on the search engine results page.

Each time an ad is clicked, it sends a visitor to the landing page or website for a small fee. It is an intended way to purchase a website visit, which will eventually be converted, whether you register or sell. Different types of PPC ads include search ads, local search ads, display ads, and re-marketing. These ads may appear on web pages, forums, web pages, and mobile applications. They usually look like the surrounding content. For example, ads on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter have the same format as live posts but are marked as “Sponsored” or “Promoted.”


Provides a better understanding of customer behavior and search patterns

Your ads work across all platforms, including mobile phones and desktop devices

Unlike SEO, PPC allows you to quickly set up campaigns, create ads and find new customers and prospects

You get a wealth of targeting options, whether you want to target keywords through search ads or focus on special census in the display network.

You get budget flexibility. You can set your ad budget and choose how much you want to spend. For example, if you see good results, you can go up quickly

PPC is measurable and traceable. You can see how your campaigns are performing, including appearances, clicks, conversions, the traffic you receive and how the results relate to your



About a third of online consumers use the Internet to search for local businesses daily. That’s a huge amount of potential traffic, especially if your link is displayed on top of relevant online search results. Now, that does not mean that pay per click advertisement is the best marketing strategy out there. However, it is a short-term strategy that works best. Content and SEO will bring long-term benefits, but if you are looking for something quick and powerful, PPC marketing might be the way to go.


Many brands do not simply buy PPC ads to establish a reputation or win a competition (although those two benefits are things to consider). Instead, they accept ads to encourage their target audience to transform into real customers. By 2020, up to 74 percent of products reported that PPC is the main driver of their business, earning revenue and a large portion of their sales. For most brands, PPC ads are a surefire way to start a conversion – and they can do the same for you.


Ads need to show at the right time. However, you can schedule your campaigns for delivery by specific hours, locations, and demographics. Yes, you can also monitor the results of content marketing and SEO strategies. However, you may only sometimes be able to make changes to a blog post, a copy of a web page, or a link in a few minutes. It takes time for these strategies to develop – but the PPC campaign can be deceived almost immediately. Contact us to hire for PPC campaign management if you want a PPC management service.


The importance of product recognition for your overall revenue success. Remember: you don’t just want people to see your product online. If you can show up on their search results near the competitors they already see, chances are people will come to your site and buy offline. A consistent product presentation could increase revenue by 33 percent, according to Lucid Press. This doesn’t just mean using your brand in the right place or ensuring your Instagram “beauty” is in the right place. People want to see your product being talked about regularly and presented in the right places. PPC marketing can ensure that your brand name at least comes from the right places, contributing to the consistent, current online reputation to sell our website and visual stores further.


Bit Link Tech, a pay per Click Company, offers a trustable leadership for pay per click advertisement. It is good for small businesses as you decide how much you are willing to spend on each keyword, so you can control how much you spend when your ads are shown. In addition, it ensures that the money you spend on advertising is well-spent, as it may attract more people who like your product.


After the website development, it is important to do proper search engine optimization. SEO is one of the best and most important aspects of gaining maximum brand exposure. The only major issue is that that method takes a lot of time. It’s like a big investment at the start.

If you are looking for a fast and prompt result, you will need Pay per Click advertisement and PPC management service. It allows you the best possible results instantly. It also helps you to get a targeted audience for your services and business.

Bit Links Tech Pvt Ltd is a trusted leader PPC pay per Click Company and digital marketing consultant. We offer top-rated and up-to-the-mark results to rank your business higher. We are masters in providing you target audience, which helps you in the best conversion. It helps you quickly to rank your business to the next level. If you are unsure whether you need PPC management service or don’t, then we are here for a free consultation. We are pay per Click Company and can give you a complete business solution and the best idea to grow your business.

What Is Pay Per Click And How Does It Works?

PPC Pay per Click Advertisement is a paid search system to start brand awareness. It helps you to promote brand offers and services. That system only charges when any vaster clicks on your ad, and that’s why it is called pay per click. It is also known as cost per click. Normally people think PPC is only about google ads search engine results but pay per click goes beyond the google search engine results. It can be anywhere on social media sites like YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, and LinkedIn. They also use the same pay per click process.

Pay Per Click Company

Frequently Asked Questions

Pay per click advertising is a method that costs money and enables your company to display adverts all over the internet. Your business can be advertised online, including on websites and social media channels. PPC advertisements consist of text, images, or even videos. Bit Links Tech is a pay per Click Company. We provide a wide range of PPC like PPC management services, PPC campaign management, and pay per click advertisements.

Pay-per-click advertising does function, but to obtain the best overall results, you must determine your website type. For instance, there is a long-term prospect of outstanding PPC returns if you run an e-commerce website. Next, you will need to build the appropriate campaign, keywords, industry, ad group, and call to action button for your advertisement campaign. You will undoubtedly see positive results if you carefully plan your advertising effort. If you are looking for a pay per Click Company to provide you with PPC campaign management, contact us and let us take care of advertisement and PPC for your business.

We promise that your advertising campaign will produce the best results. When we design, manage, and optimize your Google Ad terms, Bing Advertisements, and Facebook Ads, our goal is to help you obtain the maximum result from your ads. In addition, our professional marketing expert will also take care of your PPC campaign management and ensure that your business gets top results within your budget.

Based on Pay Per Click or Pay Per Impression being displayed, the budget is immediately paid to Google, Facebook, or Bing. We are solely here to assist you in optimizing your advertising for Google, Facebook, or Bing so that you may increase the effectiveness of your advertisement. Additionally, you may tailor your adverts to fit your budget for picture or video ads. Using video advertisements is the most effective technique to reach the right audience.