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5G In Pakistan

5G in Pakistan

Successful experience of 5G, a key milestone in information technology, in Pakistan. A main breakthrough in the field of mobile technology. 5G service will launch soon in Pakistan.

Pakistan has become the first country in the region to experience the 5G facility.

The Chinese telecom company has positively verified five G in Pakistan. Pakistan has joined a few countries with 5G experience. According to officials, 5 G network has 100 times faster speed than current mobile Internet connection, and also Five G network has ten times faster speed than current broadband connection.

After attracting 1.2 billion $ in foreign direct investment in the last three years, the market volume of the telecom industry has increased to 16.9 billion $ and now the Ministry of Information and Telecom has an intend to introduce 5G in 2023.

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Talking to media on an occasion, Minister for IT Aminul Haq said that 5G technology a  great news for the people of Pakistan and this technology would prove to be an important milestone for the economic development of Pakistan.

He said that the process of laying fiber cable for launching 5G in Pakistan is in full swing and 5G will be launched in Pakistan next year. It may be recalled that in September this year. A meeting of the Economic Co-ordination Committee chaired by Finance Advisor Abdul Hafeez Sheikh had constituted a committee for the issuance of 5G licenses. It should be noted that 5G is the most advanced and fastest technology in the field of cellular communication technology. click here to learn more.

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5G can download 50GB file in 2 minutes.

According to sources, the speed of the network will depend on the spectrum available to the operator. The PTA had last month requested applications for a license.

This initiative encourages Website and Software development Companies to promote a developed look of Pakistan in World in IT field. Now development should also increase up to 50% due to improvement in telecom industry.

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