Top 10 freelance countries list

Pakistan leading against India in increasing freelancing. Pakistan has risen to fourth position, leaving India behind in freelancing.

According to the spokesman of the Punjab IT Board, according to the global payment platform Payoneer’s Global Gig Economy Index. Released the ranking of the top 10 countries in freelancing, with Pakistan ranked fourth and India seventh.

  1. USA (78% growth)
  2. U.K. (59% growth)
  3. Brazil (48%)
  4. Pakistan (47% growth)
  5. Ukraine (36% growth)
  6. Philippines (35% growth)
  7. India (29% growth)
  8. Bangladesh (27% growth)
  9. Russia (20% growth)
  10. Serbia (19% growth).

According to the IT board, freelancing in Pakistan increased by 47% over last year and the public sector is playing a key role in promoting freelancing in the country.

Punjab’s e-employment freelancing program is leading to increase in exchange and reduction of unemployment, Website development company and 12,000 young people graduating from e-jobs have earned Rs 14 crore through internet.

Earlier, it was the U.S. and U.K. outsourcing maximum of the work from developed to developing countries, says Moldovan. Now we jump to appreciate Asia increasing. We see many countries in Asia outsourcing to other countries in Asia. There is a moving of power among nations in the ordering of goods and services.

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