Google claims quantum computer

California: Google claims to have built a quantum computer, the world’s largest search engine and other utility company, according to some reports that Google has tried to find binary numbers (real numbers) from that computer.

According to Google, quantum computers have also performed estimates that were not possible with any of the most powerful supercomputers. This is how Google has gained a foothold in quantum computing.

Although Google claims quantum computer seems a bit confusing, its research paper was released on a NASA server last week but was immediately removed. Some companies have called it a rumor, but surprisingly, Google has not yet said anything in its affirmative or negative.

The editorial team of a journal called New Scientist has looked at the article in which Quantum Computer is titled Psychica Moore. It contains 54 numbers of super-computing quantum bits or cubits, but the only person mentioned in the article about this most important invention is John Martins, who teaches at the University of California, Santa Barbara. They are experts in quantum computing hardware, in partnership with Google.

The article states that this dramatic work is an experimental process that will open a new chapter in the process of computing that has been waiting. It should be noted that Google itself is working on a quantum computer with NASA and a contract between the two entities has been signed in 2018 in this regard.

The article further states that Quantum computer processor has solved the problems of simple sampling, including the search for real random numbers. Traditional computers cannot do this because it has great calculation process.

It has also been said that a task that the best supercomputers in the world can do in 10 years is done by Quantum Computer in just 3 minutes 20 seconds!

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